About Us

Avraham Khordian


I am a   graduate from the civil engineering school of Youngstown State University, Ohio, in 1974.  I also hold two California contractors licenses as Good News Construction Inc. and Avkat Construction And Development Inc. I am licensed as a mortgage and real estate broker in Living In America Financial Inc. 

I bring to table nearly thirty years of experience in South and East Los Angeles in construction, housing, mortgages, real estate transactions and land development.

My experience embraces an extensive number of acquisitions in multifamily units, urban and agricultural land entitlement, development, ownership and resale of financially stable projects. I have done this in Los Angeles, Riverside, Ca, Seattle and Spokane Washington. 

Currently, I manage and oversee a portfolio of nearly 13 multifamily projects at various stages of progress, amounting to 382 residential units. The main focus of these projects is providing housing for a much underutilized market in South Los Angeles. I feel privileged to be able to provide Section 8 housing, and also  other privately managed housing projects under a master lease. This relationship has enabled our firm to focus on providing modern, conformable, high end and safe   housing vacancies in response to referrals from these and other local government institutions and private firms actively supporting housing growth in South  Los Angeles.


Some of these development accomplishments are through Joint Venture partnerships with very satisfied and hands off investors.   Terms of these investments vary from deal to deal; however, they all have a very comfortable equity margin or profit and a very healthy cash flow.

I can also negotiate opportunities whereby a project of housing can be put into rental contract prior to start with a local None Profit organization on a master lease basis: triple net.

Today’s multifamily housing market is a once in a lifetime chance to maximize on land and space use; therefore getting a project to a very solid start upfront.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss any questions you may have on land development, design, construction and construction loans.

I also actively work on partnerships on very simple and fair basis.